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Jay Short, MS, RD, CSSD

Great app to help athletes follow a nutritional plan to achieve their goals. Very user friendly and has some practical meal ideas that athletes can use. Also there is a cool place to challenge others!

Jay Short, MS, RD, CSSDColumbus Crew SC Sports Dietitian; The Ohio State University Research Dietitian
Alex Huffman

Having a sound nutrition plan to fall back on is such a stress relief and a blessing. Just really wanted to express my love for this app. Great job!

Alex HuffmanBasketball, Louisiana

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What you get with the FREE app version…

  • Calorie Calculator

    • Calculate caloric needs and set your weight management goal

  • Take a Picture to Log a Meal

    • Nutrition monitors provide accountability, encouragement and feedback

  • Meal Plan Guides

    • Wide variety of meal plan options for all ages

    • 12,000+ healthy restaurant options

    • Vegan and vegetarian options

  • Add Your Nutrition Monitors

    • Build your support network of nutrition monitors

    • Nutrition monitor(s) sees what you are eating and provides feedback

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Alison R. Hadavi, RDN

I have been using the Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition app for a month now and love it! As a RDN, the app provides a fun and interactive tool to recommend to athletes, coaches, and parents for tracking/logging of meals. It really is a tool of convenience for all involved in an athlete’s career to share and accurately monitor nutrition and weight goals through features that include the camera to take pictures in real time of meals and/or snacks, the meal plan guide and the option to interact with a nutrition professional for assistance.

Alison R. Hadavi, RDNRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist
Ray Castle, Ph.D., ATC, LAT

This app is without a doubt one of the best new apps available that is intuitive and easy to use. As an Athletic Trainer for 27+ years, finding easy to implement tools for athletes is always a struggle…a HUGE +++ is the app connecting the athlete with registered dietitians, the provider, and/or others who can oversee/monitor the athlete on their quality and quantity of food intake. THANK YOU!!!!!

Ray Castle, Ph.D., ATC, LATAthletic Training Program Director and Professor of Professional Practice, LSU
Christine Karpinski, PhD, RD, CSSD, LDN

I’m using this app with the softball team this season. The premise of motivation, accountability, feedback, challenges, etc. will most definitely lead to positive behavior change. The menus are great! The focus on quality vs quantity of meals/snacks is a refreshing approach.

Christine Karpinski, PhD, RD, CSSD, LDNChair of Nutrition, Associate Professor, West Chester University
Brent Boundreaux, MS, ATC, LAT

The most comprehensive and user-friendly App I’ve ever seen for sports nutrition. Simply awesome!

Brent Boundreaux, MS, ATC, LATAthletic Trainer, Beau Chene High School
Jimmy & Charlene Lamour

The Eat 2 Win App has been a critical part of the success of our athlete development program. The app is a fun way to keep our athletes accountable for progressing through their nutritional goals. It has improved the performance of many of our athletes and we highly recommend this app to anyone that wants to accomplish their nutritional goals.

Jimmy & Charlene LamourNew Level Performance