Build A Winning Team with the Eat 2 Win Nutrition App using Features in Premium Administration

Connecting and Empowering Dietitians, Athletic Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Health Coaches or Administrators for Wellness, Fitness or Sports Performance Centers

Eat 2 Win

Your Athletes Will Improve Their…

Eating Habits | Energy | Weight | Strength | Focus | Recovery | Endurance

How Winning Teams Do It

Step #1   Team Meeting and Athletes Download Eat 2 Win Nutrition App
Step #2   Athletes Complete Nutritional Assessments (Coming Soon)
Step #3   Place athletes in Groups (Teams) for friendly competition to maximize engagement
Step #4   Short Term Goals (1-4 weeks) with Theme Focused Nutritional Challenges 
Step #5   Provide Quality Feedback on Eating Habits with Meal Comment Templates Statements
Step #6   Measure Success with Team Data and Reports then Reward and Celebrate