Becoming an entrepreneur is a unique challenge that is not for everybody but these three ladies took the leap and followed their passion. Dawn, Mitzi and Rebecca all share their amazing journey of becoming a nutrition entrepreneur.

In this Podcast You Will Learn:

1. What was their career path to becoming an entrepreneur?
2. Why, how, and when did they chose to make the leap to become an Entrepreneur?
3. Their day to day job and why they love what they do?
4. What is the Risk vs the Reward of being an Entrepreneur?
5. What are potential opportunities for Nutrition entrepreneurs?
6. The best strategies they used to market themselves?
7. What should someone thinking about making the leap do before they jump? Do they need a formal plan?
8. Anything they don’t like about being an entrepreneur?
9. What they would do differently if starting today?
10. Using social media to promote their business?

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Mitzi Dulan
Twitter: @nutritionexpert

Dawn Blatner
Twitter: @djblatner

Rebecca Scritchfield
Twitter: @scritchfieldrd

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