Decrease Inflammation and Enhance Immunity for the Athlete

Sharon Collison is a registered dietitian in private practice and at the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition at the University of Delaware. Sharon completed her B.S. degree in Food Science and her M.S. degree in Human Nutrition with a concentration in exercise physiology at the University of Delaware. She has been a board-certified sports dietitian since 2008, providing sports nutrition guidance to middle-school, high-school, collegiate, amateur, and elite athletes. She is a sports nutrition consultant at Wilmington University. In her spare time, Sharon enjoys developing recipes and entering cooking contests. She won $100,000 in the Southern Living Cookoff in 2005 for her chocolate coffee cheesecake with mocha sauce. Sharon also enjoys biking, hiking, running and strength training. She lives in Newark, DE with her husband and 2 daughters.

In this podcast you will learn:

1. How Sharon’s interest on the topic of inflammation begin?
2. An overview of inflammation?
3. Where does inflammation occur?
4. Is inflammation common in athletes?
5. What are the primary causes of inflammation?
6. How does exercise training affect the inflammatory process?
7. What are common markers of inflammation you look for when assessing an athlete?
8. What are types of foods may reduce inflammation?

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