Breakfast: Is it Necessary for Athletes?

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Without question breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It jump starts your metabolism and gives you energy to start your day. If you skip breakfast you spend the rest of the day playing catch up as your body is searching desperately for the fuel to get it going.Car without Gas
Can you imagine trying to start a car without gas? That is exactly what athletes do when they don’t eat a good breakfast.  Remember your body has been repairing itself all night long and you have not eaten in about 8-10 hours. All of the energy that was available for exercise and activity is gone…you must re-fuel each and every day. 

Which Breakfast foods Do You Prefer?
_____ Peanut butter-banana-honey sandwich, 8 oz. low fat milk
_____  Turkey Sandwich on Wheat, fruit, and glass of 100% Juice
_____  Egg and Turkey Sandwich on a Small Bagel, fruit and juice
_____  Baggie of lowfat granola with a handful of raisins (preceded by 8 oz. lowfat milk)
_____  Fruit topped pancakes with 8 oz. lowfat milk or orange juice
_____  Whole grain cereal with lowfat milk and fruit
_____  Whole grain waffle with peanut butter, 8 oz. lowfat milk, piece of fruit
_____  Cinnamon raisin bagel (one large or two small) with Peanut butter and a 8 oz. lowfat milk
_____  Instant or regular oatmeal or an oatmeal bar with a 8 oz. lowfat milk of orange juice

Podcast Notes
1) The significance of eating breakfast
2) Why missing this meal could impair your performance
3) What challenges athletes face that cause them to skip breakfast
4) The # 1 excuse for not eating breakfast
5) 5 Minute Breakfast options for the time-challenged athlete

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