Informed Choice Certified: Trusted by Sport

HFL Sports Science
Paul Klinger serves as the Business Development Manager for HFL Sport Science and Manages the Informed-Choice supplement certification program. Paul has worked for HFL Sport Science since 2008 and works closely as a liaison between supplement companies, manufacturers and the sport community to ensure the products they are providing to athletes are safe for them to use.

Podcast Notes

  1. The Informed Choice Certification program and the type of work that they do.
  2. The benefits of using a product with the 3rd party testing seal, especially from Informed Choice?
  3. Does testing a product guarantee an athlete will not test positive for a banned substance?
  4. What are the reasons athletes are testing positive for a banned substance by taking a supplement that is commonly found over-the-counter.
  5. A review of products randomly evaluated for banned substances.
  6. The reasons more companies are paying for 3rd party certification programs.
  7. A list of some companies that are certified through Informed Choice.
  8. If there is anything different from Informed Choice from other 3rd party certifying agencies?
  9. What should young athletes and parents be looking out for or asking when they go to a supplement store as it seems not all of the products tested today indicate that on the label.

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