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Kamal currently serves as the Director at Examine.com. Examine.com is an independent organization that investigates the science behind supplementation and nutrition. He is a nutrition researcher with an MPH and MBA from Johns Hopkins University, and is on hiatus from a PhD in nutrition in which he researched the link between diet and chronic pain. He has published peer-reviewed articles on vitamin D and calcium as well as a variety of clinical research topics. Kamal has also been involved in research on fructose and liver health, mindfulness meditation, and nutrition in low income areas.

In this podcast you will learn:

1. What is Examine.com?
2. What is the concept and idea of developing examine.com?
3. How many followers do they have?
4. What are the qualifications of your staff?
5. What is the criteria you use to rate the research and evidence?
6. What are the most popular supplements people want to know about?
7. What is the biggest problem with the supplement industry today?
8. Can a High School or College athlete use Examine.com?
9. What supplements work and what doesn’t?
10. What are some over-hyped ingredients?
11. What are some pre-workout supplements and those with ingredients with little to no science to support the evidence?
12. What does Examine.com offer to the consumer?

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